Retype – Must have App for Instant Typography

Who doesn’t loves to share photos with amazing typography on various Social Media, but making a good image isn’t an easy task. There are a lot of apps available on the App Store to add Typography to your images, but most of them are complicated just because they have a bunch of options which you don’t need to bother mastering.

Believe me, it took me a lot of time to learn how to use different tools which are available in any general photo editing app. You may learn editing easily, but Typography is a complete different thing, it needs creativity, minimalism and other aspects to make your image stand out of the crowd.

If you’re an average user and you don’t want to spend your time playing with different tools then you must be looking for something that needs fewer steps to add awesome typography to your images.

Speaking of which I must Introduce you to Retype, an iOS App to add typography to images in matter of few clicks.

Retype is built out of passion for great typography, and it’s all about the style. It features mouthwatering styles including 3D shadow effects and multi colour fonts. There’s also inspiring and evergrowing quote bank to get you up to speed quickly. Retype is perfect for creating posters, invitations, banners or if you just want to say something in style.

Once you’ve chosen the image, the App loads random Quote with any random formatting, you can change the text as per your wish by clicking on it or you may choose any other from a library of quotes by clicking on hamburger button.

IMG_9888  IMG_9890 IMG_9891

You’ve changed the text, how about design now? Well, that’s super easy too, you have a bunch of designs available just below the editor. You can choose any of the design which you want to use, you can even click on any formatting several times to get another random text-format of same design.

IMG_9892 IMG_9893 IMG_9894

There are several options beside the formatting option, one of them helps you to select the colour of your text, in case your colour doesn’t fit the image, next one is for filters which is quite cool as you don’t need to bother processing your image in any other tool to make it fit for adding typography and last button is packed with options like, Fade ; Blur and Opacity.

Speaking of UI, the developers of Retype have made a good effort designing the interface as minimal as possible, which is intuitive to use and perfect if you don’t want to get confused between different tools and instead want a straight forward bunch options for adding typography to your images.

For $2.99 Retype definitely a have App for adding Typography to your Image instantly.

Get Retype on the App Store.

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